Rethinking the risks

FTH believes the real risk is that Alabama will lose revenue, tourism dollars, and lack the appeal of a world-class destination. This is not about underage drinking or driving while intoxicated.

Underage drinkers are not interested in specialty beer.

Underage youth looking to get drunk don't want - and can't afford - high ABV beers. Strong beers are an acquired taste meant for sipping and savoring and do not appeal to young adults. Moreover, strong ales are vastly more expensive than the other beer choices available and out of the price range of the average student's beer budget.

There is no link between drinking-related fatalities and alcohol by volume laws.

According to data from MADD, states with no alcohol by volume restrictions actually have a 6% LOWER rate of alcohol-related fatalities than the national average. While this doesn't establish a causal link, the data refutes the argument that allowing strong beers will increase the number of drinking-related incidents. In fact, Ohio saw a decrease in such incidents following its recent move to remove the artificial constraint on beer.

Finally, we're just as against drunk driving as you are.

Most Free The Hops members are parents, or otherwise responsible adults, who are adamantly opposed to illegal or abusive drinking, and we believe these specialty beers will not contribute to such behavior.