Friends of FREE THE HOPS,

Help liberate beer in Alabama!

Everyone needs a good excuse to go out with friends and drink beer. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Or Cinco de Mayo. New Year’s. The first Friday of the month. Or the second. Or the third.

Well, here’s an even better excuse to drink beer: FREE THE HOPS needs your help. If you can indeed give up three or four hours to go to a bar and drink beer on Friday night, November 19th, please reply to this email and let me know.

We need to have our first fundraiser soon: FREE THE HOPS Night. On this one night, our goal is to have several bars in Birmingham, Hunstville, and possibly Montgomery commit to giving $0.25 per beer sold or a minimum of $250. And in addition to raising money, we need to publicize our cause. We need to get the word out. But that will only be possible with your help. If you remember nothing else I say in this newsletter, please remember this: Alabama’s beer laws cannot be changed without your help. There is no other way to say it.

Quite simply, if there isn’t a substantial group of beer lovers in this state willing to put forth some small amount of effort into this campaign, then there is no point in moving forward any further. The reality is this: either this campaign is important enough to a small segment of the population that people step forward and spend only a little of their time to help out, or it’s just not important enough to make the effort.

I need to know which it is, soon. At this moment, I’m asking for a small effort: on Friday, November 19th, just be willing to go to a bar, drink beer, and answer questions about what FREE THE HOPS is trying to do. Just one night.

The time for sitting back and thinking about it is over. It is time to act. Are you going to go out with friends and drink beer to promote FREE THE HOPS, or are you going to sit at home and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos? C’mon, it jumped the shark when Bob Saget left.

Drink good beer. FREE THE HOPS.