FREE THE HOPS Night was a smashing success!

Be sure to patronize the establishments which sponsored FTH Night, 5 Points Grill and The Barking Kudu in Birmingham, and Crossroads Music Hall in Huntsville. It is important that we support the establishments that support FREE THE HOPS, and let them know you appreciate their sponsorship in getting Alabama’s beer laws reformed.

We had groups representing FTH at each location, many of us wearing our Mmm…Beer t-shirts. We put up posters and flyers and spoke with many interested beer lovers. At least one man I spoke to personally doesn’t have internet or email access, so he never would have learned about FTH without our efforts Friday. I’m sure there are more people out there in similar situations. There are other establishments we’ve spoken to that will be sponsoring FTH in the future; be thinking about attending “FTH Night 2.0.”

The next step is to use the money we raised to incorporate as a non-profit. I filled out the forms today. I don’t know the precise date when the process will be completed, but hopefully we’ll have our tax ID number in hand within the next couple of weeks. That is required to open a bank account under the name “Free The Hops.” Once we have a bank account for the organization, we can create a Free The Hops PayPal account and begin offering memberships and accepting donations online. So be sure to watch your inbox over the next couple of weeks for a notice that memberships are available.

Incorporating as a nonprofit requires us to select some officers. To begin with, our officers will consist of those people who’ve been working to get this campaign rolling from very early on. The initial list is as follows:



I am very thankful to have these fine people helping lead the organization. I hope you all have a chance to get to know them in the coming months.

Things are really starting to take off. I look forward to working with you to bring all of the world’s finest beers to Alabama.

Drink good beer. FREE THE HOPS.