As i briefly mentioned in my last post, i’ll be heading back down to Mobile for the International Beer Festival. Specifically, i’ll be driving down Saturday morning, August 27th and meeting up with Todd Hicks at the Brewpub down there. The fest starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm. Here’s the calendar listing for it: Main Street Mobile

I’ve never been before, but from what i understand, you pay $12 for a ticket and get to sample 2 ounces each of 60+ different beers in various restaurants and bars in downtown Mobile. Not macro light lager junk, but actual good beers. Sounds like something many FTH supporters would be interested in.

I’ll hang out at Mr. Jim’s and hopefully convince scores of people who’ve been enjoying all the great beer to slap down $25 for a FTH membership. I’d be happy to have some help in my promotion efforts.

Todd lives downtown, and has offered me a place to crash Saturday night. Then i’ll get up Sunday and head back to Bham. We’ll confirm all details with him, but i’m sure he has room for a few more. We can carpool to save gas, then with the free board, it will be a very, very cheap road trip for a good cause.

Start planning to join me on Saturday, August 27th.