I met with Harry today, and there are lots of things simmering in the pot right now. I’ll probably send out another newsletter late next week with official updates, but I’d like to go ahead and leak some of this on the blog for those of you who check it.

First and foremost, there are 3 or 4 Alabama legislators ready to support us, which should be enough to get a bill sponsored when the time comes. Furthermore, it is our goal to have those legislators at the next monthly meeting. I won’t announce any names until we have 100% confirmation, which should happen no later than middle of next week. But this is big.

This will get our foot in the door and give us a chance to speak in person with key legislators who can help make or break our cause. Therefore, it is my intent to “replace” our normal monthly membership meeting–which is typically open only to paid members–with a meeting with these legislators, open to anyone and everyone who cares anything about seeing better beer in Alabama. Assuming, of course, these men confirm, I’ll make a grand announcement to our nearly 200 newsletter subscribers soon.

Also, at some point during the next couple of months there will be two beer dinners in Georgia hosted by Rob Nelson of the Samuel Smith Brewery. One will be a “dry run” and to the second we’ll invite several legislators. These will be covered in an article (probably in August) in The Birmingham Magazine.

One more talking point, Harry’s lunch with the Governor is set for August 2nd. On the calendar, that is a certainty. Harry’s primary intent is to discuss our cause with the Governor and gain his support.

We talked about several other things, but nothing else is concrete enough even to merit mention on the blog yet. As they develop further, I’ll post more updates.

Free Beer.