I’m going to try to squeeze this into the next newsletter, but i’m going to go ahead and mention this now, anyway.

Glance to the left side of your screen.  You’ll probably have to scroll down some, but underneath the navigation buttons for this site, you’ll see two new links.  One will send you to our Yahoo! Group, the other will allow you to search Amazon.com.

Our Yahoo! Group serves as a discussion board and a repository of files and photos.  It’s a great way to stay connected to other FTH supporters.  I hope you’ll join up and start contributing if you haven’t already.

The Amazon search box isn’t a favor to Amazon.  We’re now an “Amazon Associate.”  Which means that anytime you buy something from Amazon through a link on our website, FTH gets a small percentage.  It’s just another way to support Free The Hops and get better beer in Alabama.  If you’re planning on buying something through Amazon anyway, why not just start with the search box on our site so you can help FTH too?

Don’t forget the birthday party tomorrow at Sloss Furnaces.  6:30pm.  You’re all invited.