The beer wholesalers association meeting was postponed due to Katrina.  They were supposed to have voted earlier this month on whether to support the lifting of both limits, only one, or none.  Now that meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 8:00am.

This is pivotal.  If they vote “yes” on lifting both limits, FTH’s job gets really easy.  The wholesalers themselves will carry most of the burden.  We’ll still be an important part of the process, giving voice to the citizens, a voice legislators care very much about.  But the  benefits of the assistance of the wholesalers cannot be overstated.

If they vote “no” (read: if the Bud distributors vote “no”) everything falls on the shoulders of FTH.  We carry the burden, with the assistance of our allies, which would include wholesalers other than the Bud distributors.

This is it.  Where the poop hits the fan.  Either Bud is with us or against us.  Lets hope they see the writing on the wall and join the forces of good.