That’s been the hot topic of discussion ever since people started seeing promos for the bit on Sunday and Monday. There were extenuating circumstances. I don’t normally talk like that. The second it escaped my mouth, i knew it would end up on air making me look dorky, but it was funny nonetheless, so i stand by it. I wanted to have fun and wanted people to laugh at the segment.

To be in a segment on The Daily Show, you go through a long, sometimes disjointed interview. Bakkedahl covered how i got interested in good beer, how FTH started, the campaigns in other states, recited a story from a Ray Stevens song, asked me what are some problems facing Alabama (to which i gave several serious answers, in addition to the comment about not being able to buy good beer), talked about the governor, state slogans, and much more. He asked me if drinking beer was a right, or a vice. I told him it was a right, and he asked me to give a definition for “vice.” I told him a vice was something that is bad for you that you enjoy doing. Beer is good for you in moderation. He frequently gave me some ridiculous look or made some outrageous comment that sent me into a fit of laughter, which i’d have to recover from before continuing. It put me in a “funny” mood.

Regarding the slogans, he asked me what the state slogan of Alabama is. I told him “Alabama the Beautiful.” He asked me if i had to change the state’s slogan, what would i change it to? I couldn’t think of anything. He said, “What about Alabama the Beertiful?” I laughed and said “Yeah, Alabama the Beertiful.” He repeated it a few times. Got it on the brain.

Then he asked me to go through the experience of drinking a Russian Imperial Stout, since that’s one of my favorite beers. I got to the end, and it just came out: Beerlicious. It fit in with the rest of the experience, most of which no one will ever see. I meant for it to be funny. Obviously the producer thought it was…

So as i said, i stand by it. I really think it’s going to catch on. It will eventually end up in the Oxford English Dictionary.