I don’t listen to talk radio. I’m a rock and roll kind of guy. Sometimes I listen to 105.5 the Vulcan; often I listen to my iPod. So I did not hear the discussion of our bill that apparently took place Tuesday morning on 101.1 FM. I have, however, heard about it from a couple people who listen to that station.

What I have been told (and please, correct me if I’m wrong) is that the someone on the show was very critical of our bill, not only pulling out the baseless and specious “This will hurt the kids” argument, but also claiming that the only reason Free The Hops is pushing to change this law is that we will profit from it. Again, I’m going on a second-hand report here, but I was told they said we’d actually make money if this bill passes.

Holy cow. It’s not exactly surprising, but it is nevertheless amazing to me that anyone would get on a major radio station and speak from such total ignorance about a subject they clearly know nothing about.

Folks, we are a non-profit. We are operated solely by volunteers. We all have day jobs, and none of us work in the beer industry. FTH bank statements are passed around at every meeting; any member is free to see exactly how their membership dues are being spent. And I can tell you now how that money is spent. It goes to operate the organization, and it goes to pay our lobbyist. That’s it. Not a single dollar ends up in the pocket of anyone in Free The Hops. It goes to change these stupid laws, and nothing else.

The only thing that will happen after SB211 or HB195 becomes law is that we in FTH will start spending money on beer in Alabama that we currently spend in Georgia. That’s it. Not one of us will become a penny richer, and we in fact may end up several pennies poorer.

I understand if you have religious convictions that lead you to personally abstain from alcohol. I don’t fault anyone for their personal moral convictions. But don’t get on the radio and spout complete falsities because you couldn’t bother spending 20 minutes reading through this website, or even better, emailing me directly. Find out the whole story before you open your mouth, please.