Just a quick note. My post from last night was also sent out as a newsletter. So between the page hits on the site today and the newsletter, I think word has been spread pretty far and wide that we are still in this race to win.

It’s interesting to note that in the last 24 hours we have received more PayPal notifications of new people becoming paid members of Free The Hops than in any one day in history. That I can remember. Not only that, but one generous and active supporter donated $500 at one pop today. That’s not from a business, folks. That’s from one concerned citizen who knows the Gourmet Beer Bill is good for Alabama and who wants to help ensure its success.

Our Senate bill will move soon, it will hit the House, and you’ll see this thing become law. Keep watching, and keep making phone calls and sending emails.

JFYI, I’m about to be interviewed for the CBS 42 10pm news. They seem sympathetic, so I think I’ll get a chance to set the record straight.