For those who were listening in to the Senate audio last week, it will come as no surprise that we took the strategic decision to hold off on pressing the Gourmet Beer Bill. By the time the semi-filibuster was resolved, it was late in the evening and the Senators were all cranky, tired, and hungry.

In that kind of environment our Gourmet Beer Bill would not have had good odds.

Mark your calendars for Monday, May 19th. This is the last day of the legislative session. HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill, will be on the calendar. Please call your senators over the next week, and very politely request them to support HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill. You can call them whether or not you have done so already. You could also ask your friends, co-workers, family, neighbours, anyone you know who is not anti-alcohol – they, too can call their senators.

If you have family and friends who are out of state, get them to call as well – their opinion, and the tourist dollars that backs their opinion, are just as important to the senators as you and your opinion are.

If we all pull together, if we all rally our connections and contacts, we can achieve the aim we have been working towards for the last three years – we can start to Free those Hops from the chains of the archaic 6% ABV law. Let the Alabama Senate hear your voices loud and clear – let them hear the message –