I had an example of that today. Free the Hops had a presence at ‘Uncorked on the Green’ at Ross Bridge. The event as a whole was projected to draw up to 3000 people to hear about wine, beer and food while being entertained with live music.

The beer tents were staffed by Free the Hops supporters. These are people from all walks of life: university students, young couples with children, professionals, and many more. All of these people willingly surrendered their Saturday afternoon – some at very short notice! – to help out by working hard for just under 3 hours pouring beer, talking beer, and talking Free the Hops. (Those of you who worked the brewfest will understand the work involved, even though it is also rewarding!)

To me, this is the non-profit spirit in action: willingly giving so that others can have a good time, while also educating those people about the cause.

Without volunteers, Free the Hops can achieve nothing. And I thank each and every person who came out to Ross Bridge this afternoon for making the event such a success for Free the Hops and the organizers.