The Senate conducted a little bit of business yesterday, receiving committee reports and even working one very brief special order calendar (4 bills all expanding state benefits for veterans) before Phil Poole stood up and began filibustering once again.

Apparently he had been about ready to let the Senate do some work until they passed a bill sponsored by Jabo Waggoner Tuesday — a bill Poole has opposed for several years out of a personal vendetta against Waggoner. Since Waggoner finally got what he wanted, Poole decided to shut down the entire Senate, again. That’s how we roll in Alabama. It’s all about who hates who and who is getting what in the deals made in smoke-filled rooms.

As always, I suggest you keep up with Doc’s Political Parlor for the inside scoop on what’s happening.

For now, we sit and wait and see what happens when they reconvene Tuesday at 2pm.