Here we are again, at the start of a day when the Senate will convene (2pm), wondering what soap opera drama will unfold today.

Listening live to a session of our state Senate ought to be boring. It ought to be filled with lots of mundane business surrounding the passage of basic bills that address problems in the state, such as improperly secured steel coils on shipping trailers, or licensing requirements for certain trade professionals.

Instead, we are presented with the ongoing drama of whether one Senator or another will shut down the legislature either based on some personal vendetta or a desire to pass one bill being pushed by a key campaign contributor. If it didn’t put Alabama in such a sad state of affairs, it would be highly entertaining.

So listen in and see what happens today.

On a lighter note, thanks to everyone who came out to our Birmingham Kick-Off Party Sunday at The J. Clyde. We had a great turnout and got everyone fired up to get this law changed. Thanks to the Clyde for stepping up with a couple of world class cask ales and donating the food.

If you missed the Birmingham party and you’re anywhere within driving distance of Huntsville, head to Lowe Mill this Saturday the 28th for the Huntstville Blastoff party. Details at