We’ve somewhat ignored the House of Representatives on this blog because all the drama has been in the Senate this year. But the House is still important! Our bill has to go through both the House and Senate in one session in order to become law.

We passed the House last year and have no reason to expect any different outcome this year. That said, as I say almost every post, there are no guarantees in the Alabama Legislature. Anything’s possible.

And now we are faced with an upcoming vote in the House — almost a year to the day after we passed the House last year. I have been informed that the House Rules Committee will put HB373 on a special order calendar this Tuesday, March 3rd. We passed the House last year on March 4th. Poetic.

So now is when you are needed most. Calls, emails, and faxes have the most impact when legislators know they are about to vote on a bill. As usual, neo-prohibitionists who think all alcohol is evil will be making calls trying to sway fence-sitters to vote against our bill. We need you to overwhelm those calls so that the Representatives about to vote on the Gourmet Beer Bill know that it has strong support from their constituents.

So… call! Use our Find Your Legislator page to look up who your Representative is and find out what his or her position on our bill is. Then, send an email and/or make a call thanking them if they already support us, or explaining why you, as their constituent, want to see HB373 signed into law.

Your voice is the most powerful tool we have. Make yourself heard. Now.