That’s how I describe this day.  A day in which absolutely nothing might get done in the Senate, or in which SB132 might pass the Senate floor.

I’m naturally inclined to the think the former is more likely, but who knows?  It could very well be something in between.  Perhaps the Senate will work today, but not get to our bill.  Maybe alien bodysnatchers will take over our Senators and get more bills passed.

The Republicans still haven’t made a final decision on whether to continue their filibuster.  If they get back to it, the day will go up in flames.  If they decide to work, then some special order calendar may be part of a bargain to get things done, and so we can’t know whether or not we’ll make today’s SO calendar.

So we’re left with a big fat question mark.  Tonight we may be celebrating a huge accomplishment, or we might be cursing the dysfunction of our state legislature.  Or hopefully looking to later this week or early next week for our bill’s passage.  There’s nothing to do but watch and wait.