Unfortunately, the Senate is up to its old tricks again this year. Once again, they are regularly deadlocking themselves in filibusters and voting on little to no legislation. We are in the final weeks of the legislative session, and our bill is still sitting there waiting for them to get some work done. All they have to do is work.

Time is ticking, and we shouldn’t reserve ourselves to just sitting around, waiting on them. So today, we’re starting a coordinated campaign to let them know that we’re watching, and that we want them to do the work they’ve been elected to do. Your state senator represents YOU in Montgomery, so please take the time TODAY to contact them and let them know how you feel. Don’t know what to say? Many people have never emailed their elected officials, but it’s easy. Just write something like, “My name is [name] and I live in your district. I’ve been watching the progress in the Senate this session, and I’m writing because… ” There’s really nothing to it. Remember, it’s their job to represent you. They need to hear from you, and they do read their email.

To find the name and contact information for you state senator, just enter your street address and city OR zip+4 at our legislative page. We do not use the address information entered into that form for any purpose other than making the program work. When you contact your senator, let him or her know that, regardless of their position on our bill, you want to see a VOTE on HB373, the Gourmet Beer Bill. Here are some pointers to keep in mind in your email:

* Urge that they resolve the issues that are slowing business and get our bill, HB373, up for a vote.
* Stay friendly. You may be angry, but a positive tone is more likely to get them to listen to you
* Do this TODAY! Like I said above, we’re approaching the end of the session, and we’re not the only bill on their agenda.

For those of you who are outside Alabama or who are currently without a sitting Senator, please contact any of the following urging them to help break the deadlock:

Lt. Governor: Jim Folsom, Jr. (info@ltgov.alabama.gov)
Senate Pro Tem: Rodger Smitherman (rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov)
Senate Majority (Democrats) Leader: Zeb Little (zeb@zeblittlelawfirm.com)
Senate Minority (Republicans) Leader: Jabo Waggoner (jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov)

We want the Senate to vote on the House Bill, HB373, because this will be final passage – the bill’s next stop would be Governor Riley’s desk!

If you get a reply, please let us know. You can email me or Dan Roberts at dan.roberts@freethehops.org. And please do this today. If all of our thousands of members and supporters take this small step, I promise you it will have an impact.

Edit to add: thank you, everyone, for your support! It is very gratifying to see how many people have already contacted their Senators – you’re awesome!