I’m hearing/seeing lots of buzz about the amendment. The biggest concern is that it might affect a large number of grocery stores in addition to convenience stores. I’m neither a legal expert on the ABC licensing code nor do I know which grocery stores have which type of license. So I can’t yet authoritatively answer all the questions.

I just wanted to give everyone some peace of mind by mentioning that our lobbyist is meeting with ABC lawyers today to work through all this. If the ABC determines that Sen. Brooks’ amendment has some effect other than what he intended (which was solely to apply to convenience stores), then changes will be made.

There’s really not much more info available right now, but I wanted to let people know we’re not asleep at the wheel on this one. We’re going to do everything we can to get HB373 passed in a form that allows as many businesses as possible to sell high end beer. Please be patient as we work through this.