Obviously, our chance for the chair to call our bill up and get it passed didn’t occur yesterday.  We’re in limbo, waiting for Erwin to be persuaded not to filibuster, or for him to be out of the chamber.  There’s really not much constructive updating I can do at this point.

The Senate will meet three days next week, then two days the following week and that will be the end of the session.  So we have five more meeting days in which to get this done.  Our fate is mostly out of all of our hands; it pretty much rests in the hands of one man who believes alcohol is evil and who fervently desires a return to Prohibition.  A little luck or divine intervention would be really helpful at this point.

Beware that if/when our bill is finally brought back up for a vote, we’ll have no advance warning.  We won’t be on a calendar, we’ll simply be brought up at a moment when the chair believes we can pass.  It could happen pretty quickly.  Of course when that happens we’ll announce it far and wide.