In an earlier blog post, Dan Roberts was quoted to explain the situation in the state senate. Specifically, he was quoted to explain the reason why Phil Poole had been filibustering earlier in the session. At the time, we assumed Dan was giving an objective summary of the situation. We were simply trying to keep everyone informed about the climate in Montgomery. However, some recent events have caused me to look into the claims further, and it’s now apparent that Dan’s summary was tinged with partisan speculation.

Just one example of incorrect information in the post was when Dan suggested that Senator Poole accepted accepted a $10,000 campaign contribution in exchange for a caucus vote. What he failed to include, however, was that Poole had returned the $10,000 check in question, uncashed, so there was no personal or political gain.

Free the Hops has typically maintained a policy of neutrality in any political matter not directly related to our legislative efforts, and I apologize that we let this slip through the cracks and be posted on our public blog. I’m even more sorry that this post was innocently quoted as fact by FTH supporters in some recent letters to the editor.

We strive for the information posted to this blog to be objective regarding anything except our legislative agenda. Although we are usually successful, this was an exception. We will be more vigilant in future in checking our information.