We were really hoping to bring our bill up today, but things just didn’t work out.  At least some of the blame rests on the flooding in Montgomery today, which shut down the State House and threw everything into disarray.  The legislature had to abandon the State House and its modern computer system for the historic capital building where they hadn’t held session in nearly 25 years.  It didn’t bode well for us.

If we had passed today, we wouldn’t have even needed to worry about a veto because the legislature can override any vetoes of bills passed today when they meet next week.  We still have two meeting days in which to pass our bill, but there will be no opportunity to override a veto if that happens.

So what all this means is that while we still have a good chance at passing our bill, if and when it passes we need to be prepared to launch a massive campaign to urge the Governor to sign it.  There’s no point in starting right now because our bill hasn’t been sent to him.  But if we can pull it off in the Senate next week, then we’ll need every human being in the state who cares about personal freedom and consumer choice to launch a tidal wave of phone calls, emails, and faxes to the Governor to encourage his signature.  It will make a difference.  Be thinking of everyone you could possibly recruit into such an effort, even if they don’t drink beer.