This has become more than a comment on our blog. Apparently several people are convinced that the Governor has vetoed our bill and thus killed it for this year. It’s not true. I promise. Your aunt’s friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend might be a staffer or whatever in Montgomery, but they are wrong if they think the bill’s been killed this year. Absolutely wrong. We will know within minutes if the Governor signs or vetoes the bill, and we will let everyone know immediately. It’s very likely that you will hear it here before you hear it in the press and before your third-cousin who used to be a lobbyist in South Carolina knows about it.

Danner’s on vacation now or he would probably be the one to quash this (and he would probably be more diplomatic about it). My fear is that this rumor will cause people to give up. We have good reason to believe Governor Riley is willing to sign our bill. In a recent interview on WSFA in Montgomery, Riley said he would decide on our bill sometime this week, which probably means next week. So, if you haven’t called the Governor yet, do so now. If you’ve already called the Governor, get your wife’s third-cousin to call.

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