We did originally say the Gov had until this Thursday to sign it.  But we later learned that due to the day on which it was transmitted to the Gov’s office (different from the day it passed the Senate) he actually has until Monday the 25th, as Stuart mentioned below.

He is being… deliberative.  Yes, we are all chomping at the bit for him to sign it and no, the fact that he hasn’t signed it yet is not a bad sign.  He has not directly given FTH any indication of what he will do, but so far all the signs are still good.

Just be patient, and try to think of someone you may know or perhaps recently met in line at the grocery store that might not have called the Gov’s office yet in support of HB373.  Your barber?  The guy you sat next to on your recent flight into Birmingham?  Your kid’s best friends parents?  Your mailman.

They all need to call.