I’m hearing lots of exciting talk from retailers and from people who have talked to retailers that are making plans to carry lots of new beers.  That’s what this has been about from the beginning, and I love hearing it.  Since I live in Birmingham most of the talk I’m hearing is Birmingham-centric, such as Vulcan Beverage’s plans to make use of rooms that were previously only used for storage in order to accommodate literally every new beer that becomes approved for sale in Alabama.  Awesome.

But I would love for FTH to help beer lovers all over the state find the new beers we’ve worked so hard to get here.  To that end, we’ve created a section on our online community devoted entirely to keeping track of where to find the beer.   It’s a place for all of us to keep track of which stores are carrying which beers, and even who has the best prices (if we get detailed enough).

You can browse that forum without even registering for a user ID, but I hope that you will not simply take advantage of the information provided by others and instead will register (if you haven’t already) and contribute information that helps everyone else.

We’ll probably highlight some of our favorite newly-legal beers here on the blog in the coming weeks, and we’ll be using the information from the section linked above to help folks know where they can find them.

In addition to information on where to find beers, the Hops Community online has discussions on a wide range of beer-related topics, and even a few non-beer-related ones.  Check it out.