It seems grossly unfair to single out anyone for thanks, as passing our bill was such a huge collaborative effort, but I felt that certain people were deserving of being singled out.

* Birmingham Beverage have been 100% behind us since we were founded. Even in the dark days of the 6% limit, they sought out the best beer they could legally supply, and they brought it into the state.

* The J Clyde in Birmingham and The Nook Tavern in Huntsville have been focused on improving Alabama’s beer culture, and have become the places to be when you want to drink good beer. I have no doubt they will reap huge benefits from their dedication to the cause of beer culture.

* Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden, who defended our bill magnificently in the House Committee meeting, and Senator Bobby Singleton whose adroit use of the rules of the Senate allowed our bill to get to Governor Riley’s desk.

* Governor Riley, without whose signature we would not be enjoying our craft beers!

* All of Alabama’s beer wholesalers, who rallied behind our bill this year and gave us a significant boost, especially Elliott Maisel of Gulf Distributing who gave us a final push with the Governor there at the end.

* Saving the best till last…. I want to thank you, our individual supporters. You called and emailed your house representatives, your state senators, and Governor Riley. The Governor’s office let us know that your phone calls in particular tipped the balance in his deciding to sign our bill. As you sample some of the fine, newly legal craft beers, raise your glass to yourself, and say “I did this!” and feel proud of what you achieved!

And finally, thanks to you, our supporters, we will all be able to sample even more of these wonderful beers at this year’s Magic City Brewfest. See you there!