First, there have been many updates to the Magic City Brewfest website.  The finalized beer list is up, along with a venue map, and information such as the fact that Tier Two “food & beer” tickets are completely sold out.  You can still get beer only tickets at TicketMaster or at the Sloss Museum Store.

Poke around on the site and see what there is to see.  Note that there will be a limited number of printed beer list/venue maps available at the event, but if you want to be certain to have a printed copy of your own, we recommend you print them out and bring them with you.  Also note that the beer list cannot be perfect.  There will undoubtedly be some late-breaking additions and subtractions, but it will be very close to what you’ll see at the event.

Also, if you were on the fence about driving into Birmingham for the event from somewhere a little ways out of town, you might want to go ahead and take the plunge because Howard Johnson is offering a really, really low rate of $54 a night for Brewfest attendees.

A final note for now.  Many of you are aware that we had advertised free Primavera coffee again for designated drivers like we had last year.  I regret to inform you that I personally messed that up and didn’t coordinate the details with Primavera in time for them to arrange staff to work their booth — it was a detail that got overlooked in the extensive planning for such a huge event.

So Primavera won’t make the Brewfest this year.  But before you start rioting in the streets, please realize that DDs will be getting FREE FOOD for the first time ever, which I think more than makes up for it.  DDs will be allowed to roam the food court and enjoy the offerings of our restaurant partners listed on the Food page.   And we’ll be sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages pouring for both DDs and all patrons.

I can’t wait for Friday and Saturday.  See you there.