Would you like to share a few pints of Birmingham’s local Good People Brewing Co.’s beer at home with friends?  Perhaps some of the new Snake Handler Double IPA or Fatso Imperial Stout?

An unusual opportunity for doing just that is on the horizon.

You may not be familiar with the term “growler” as beer sales in growlers are illegal throughout most of Alabama.  That’s actually one of the laws that Free The Hops would like to address at some point — legalizing growler sales.  A growler is glass jug (typically 1/2 gallon) which is filled from a tap of draught beer, to be consumed at home.

While this form of beer sale is illegal in most places in Alabama, it was once legal and a handful of establishments were “grandfathered” in under the old law.  Those places can still legally sell draught beer to go in half gallon and gallon containers.  One such place is Dee’s Package Store on Greensprings Hwy in Birmingham.  And Dee’s has jumped head first into craft beer in the wake of FTH’s success with the ABV bill this year.

Dee’s has started selling some high gravity beer by the half gallon, such as North Coast Old Rasputin.  And they’re ready to sell Good People if we’re ready to buy it.  At long last, our chance to enjoy Good People beer at home.

To really do it up right, Good People are going to order a bunch of half gallon growlers with their logo on them to sell to you and me for our beer to go.   And to make sure they don’t sink a lot of money into ordering more than they can sell, they are doing pre-sales right now.  Here is Jason Malone’s explanation:

Ok, I got my quote back and put the growler “pre-sale” up on the GPBC store:


$5 per growler. I’ll shut down the orders on the 25th, order them, and then work out distributing (meet at the brewery or Clyde).

Note that when you order your growler you may get a confirmation email telling you it will be shipped to your house.  That is not true; it’s a generic email intended for other merch sales on their site.  Shipping these puppies would be cost prohibitive.  If you buy one, you’ll need to pick it up either at the brewery or at some pre-arranged meetup which will be announced on this blog.

I’ve ordered mine.