The hops are a lot freer with the signing of the Gourmet Beer Bill, but there are still plenty of other issues that Free the Hops need to address. Being a grassroots group, we feel it is only appropriate that everyone who helped to get the ABV law reformed should have input on what FTH will be dealing with going forward from here.

To that end we have created a survey to find out what you want us to deal with. It’s very short and should only take you a minute or so to complete:


The survey is open through to the end of September and we will be announcing our 2010 legislative agenda in October.

Together we can Free the Hops!

Anyone who tried to take the survey and got an error message about it being closed, my humble apologies: there was a configuration error which caused this error message to appear. This error has been corrected and the survey is open for responses!