All of us in Free The Hops love to support breweries in the Southeast, and Terrapin is one of my favorites.  Their “Monster Beer Tour” features four seasonal high gravity beers that are all world class.

Which means I’m really excited about Terrapin Monster Madness.  All the Monster beers in place, at one time — a highly unusual occurrence.  7pm on August 13th at The J. Clyde:

  • Big Hoppy Monster Imperial Red Ale on Draught
  • Rye-Squared Imperial Pale Ale on Draught
  • All American Imperial Pilsner on Draught
  • Wake ‘n Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout in Bottles

There will also be one of their Side Project beers, Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale (a saison) on cask, in case things weren’t interesting enough already.  Also note that the Imperial Pilsner is being retired from the Monster Beer Tour, to be replaced by Gamma Ray wheat wine.  So this will definitely be your only chance to enjoy the Imperial Pilsner for a long time to come.