On Saturday, November 14th from 6pm – 10pm at Sloss Furnaces, Free The Hops will host a unique event to benefit the Autism Society of Alabama.

Six local restaurants will be featuring a variety of fine foods and we will be expertly pairing those dishes with great craft beer. Much to the surprise of many people, beer can be the perfect compliment to a wide range of food. Saison and salad, brown ale and steak, stout and chocolate… the flavors combine to enhance your meal in ways you never knew were possible.

We in Free The Hops are proud to do an event like this which helps a very worthy charity with the added benefit of enhancing beer culture in Birmingham. So please get your tickets and come out to enjoy great food, great beer, and great music from our friends in Honeybaked. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Austism Society of Alabama.

Check out BrewsForClues.org for details and to buy tickets.