Birmingham News: Alabama bill aims to help brewpubs through deregulation.

I really like this part:

Roberts said lifting the restrictions would create economic development opportunities for brewpubs and breweries to grow in the state. “It’s really about making an environment more friendly for business, which ordinarily we would all be in favor of.”

Although the Brewery Modernization Act is about beer in a way, it’s more about business. We’re not making beer more available and we’re not asking for beers with more alcohol. We simply want more breweries to come from Alabama entrepreneurs.

We’ve come to realize that there are a lot of craft beer drinkers in this state – people who enjoy good beer. They’re already buying it at retail locations all around Alabama. All we want to see is more of that money going to businesses in Alabama instead of businesses in Colorado, California, or Munich. We want the Alabama brewing industry to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. To do that, we need the Brewery Modernization Act.