Apparently almost everyone with posting privileges was in Montgomery advocating for our bill, so sorry this is late. HB406, The Brewery Modernization Act, received a favorable report from the House Committee on Tourism and Travel this afternoon after a public hearing. Our sponsor, Representative Oliver Robinson, introduced the bill. Free the Hop members Stuart Carter, yours truly, Joseph Baker, and Braden Pittman as well as attorney and entrepreneur John Little spoke in favor of the legislation.

ALCAP lobbyists Joe Godfrey and Brother Dan were the only ones to speak against the bill. I would like to point out that although we are almost completely opposed on issues of beer laws with ALCAP, they have always been respectful and polite at these committee meetings. Having said that, their arguments against us were the same arguments they’ve had against all of our legislation.

So now we go to the House floor and wait to get on the calendar.