Because we don’t want to take credit away from others who rightly deserve it, a public service announcement.

This year’s Homebrew Legalization bill is not a Free the Hops initiative. Although we fully support SB153 and will utilize our resources to help its passage, the bill is primarily being promoted by a loose alliance of homebrew clubs and the American Homebrewers Association. So even though you may see us promoting it here and in other Free the Hops communication, proper credit goes to several individual homebrewers and the AHA.

I had just seen a few blogs that credited us with the bill. The Brewery Modernization Act is technically the only Free the Hops initiative in the legislature this year, and all of our resources are dedicated to that initiative. When the Homebrew Bill gets on the special order calendar, however, we do intend to issue a call to arms to our members and supporters.