SB153, the homebrewing legalisation bill, has passed the Alabama Senate!

This being politics, there was an amendment made to the bill which helped it to pass. This amendment restricts the transportation of homebrew to no more than 20gallons at a time, whether to clubs, competitions, or whatever, but this does not affect the quantity that can be brewed which falls under the Federal guidelines.

I now have the updated wording of the bill, which now says:
6 (c) Not more than 20 gallons of beer, mead, cider, or wine produced under this
7 section may be removed from the premises where it was produced
8 and may be transported for personal and noncommercial uses,

Nothing is guaranteed, not in politics, but this is a very exciting stage, and massive kudos to Alabama’s homebrewers for passing the Senate! Next stage – the House!