Although our bill was once again caught in the crossfire Tuesday, the fact that we made the agenda at all is a good sign. The legislature does not go into session today as Wednesdays are typically reserved for committee work. However, although there’s no guarantee that we’ll be on Thursday’s agenda, we should be. We may also try to get a vote in the House on Thursday.

The Special Order Calendar is good for one day only. So our placement on Tuesday’s agenda does not guarantee placement on any other day. The SOC isn’t carried over or anything like that. However, Tuesday’s Senate agenda was the result of negotiation between the members of the Senate and we fully expect Thursday’s agenda to be similar if there is a SOC at all. There’s obviously no guarantee that the Senate filibuster will be over by then.

So while the delay is frustrating, we should use this time to continue advocating for the Brewery Modernization Act. We should have a vote in the Senate or House Thursday. Remember to go here to find contact and support information and let us know if you hear anything back.