Thank you to everyone who called and emailed yesterday. I was cc’ed on several emails going to Senators and Representatives and also received a lot of email from supporters telling me that they called. And I know many more people called and emailed that didn’t tell me about it. That effort really does make a difference – your support is the only real power that Free the Hops has, and it works.

As I stated earlier, the Brewery Modernization Act passed the Alabama Senate. Know how your senator voted? I just put the votes into Lobbysoft so you can use the ‘find your legislator’ tool to find out. It should be the top-most vote for your senator.

Although it’s important to contact your legislators before they vote on an issue you care about, it’s also important to follow up with them. Make sure they realize you’re still paying attention. Do you like how they voted? Send a “Thank you” email. Do you not like how they voted? Let them know you’re disappointed and ask if they have a particular concern they want addressed.