Our Senate flavor of the Brewery Modernization Act, SB328, passed out of the House Tourism and Travel Committee this morning without a hitch. This bill is now the substitute legislation. Since SB328 passed the Senate, we are now a House vote away from being sent to the Governor.

When can we expect a vote? That’s hard to say. We will get a second reading this afternoon when they’re in session, but we can’t be put on the regular calendar until the day after our second reading. We can’t be put on a special order calendar until we’re on the regular calendar.

Realistically, we don’t expect to have a shot until next week on either the 29th or 30th legislative day. The legislature is constitutionally required to only meet on 30 days in the year, and next week will be days 29 and 30. We at Free the Hops apparently like the dramatic. Expect an email next week asking you to melt the House phone system.