SB153 (Homebrew legalization) is dead in committee. Despite Chairman Morrow’s efforts, the House Tourism and Travel Committee didn’t have enough people show up to have a quorum to give it a favorable report. There’s simply no way this is going to happen this year.

SB328 (Brewery Modernization Act), however, is still kicking. We have high hopes of coming up for a vote some time today… the last day.

I can tell you that I know a ton of you called and emailed your representatives in Montgomery, and your efforts have made an impact. I can’t guarantee anything, but I have high hopes. We’re definitely on the radar. As of this posting (all things politics are subject to change), we have a spot on the second Special Order Calendar for the day. Traditionally, the last day of the session lasts a long time as all the unfinished business is being handled. As long as the members of the House find no reason to filibuster and stall away today, the Brewery Modernization Act should come up for a vote.

If you pray, pray for a productive day in the Alabama House of Representatives.

If you would like to watch sausage legislation being made, you can listen to the live audio of the House session at the legislature’s website