From now until November 2, the legislative look-up system will be a candidate look-up system. After entering your address, you will find a “partial ballot.” These are the gubernatorial and legislative offices you should see at your precinct for the November 2 election. If any of the candidate’s have a voting record with Free the Hops, it will be shown by clicking their name. Also, if any of your candidates completed our 2010 Candidate Survey, their responses will be included.

Beer isn’t the most important thing in Alabama, but it is important to us. I hope you use this information when deciding how to vote in November. Free the Hops does not endorse candidates for elected office.

I would also like to thank those candidates who returned our 2010 Candidate Survey. Even if we don’t like all their answers, we greatly appreciate their effort to let the voters in their district know how they stand on issues important to them. (Although for some, we do like all their answers).