The Republican caucus in the Alabama Senate and House, now in the majority party for both chambers, chose their nominees for Senate Pro Tem and House Speaker recently. This is one of the major reasons why political parties want a majority. As a caucus, they decide who they will support for these positions as a majority vote. Later on in the organizational session, the caucus votes unanimously for their nominee.

So barring something unprecedented, here are our new legislative leaders:

Senate President Pro Tempore
Senator Del Marsh (R-Anniston)

Senator Marsh has been on the Tourism and Marketing Committee, which has consistently voted in favor of our bills, since we first introduced the Gourmet Beer Bill. He has voted in favor of the Gourmet Beer Bill and Homebrew Legalization, and FTH members in his district report that he is responsive to their communication.

Speaker of the House
Representative Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn)

Since 2007, FTH members have relayed to us that Representative Hubbard supports our legislation, and he has consistently voted in favor of the Gourmet Beer Bill. Hubbard also completed the 2010 FTH Candidate Survey and reported that he supported raising the container size restriction, homebrew legalization, and the Brewery Modernization Act.

As I indicated previously, the big changes in Alabama politics should not cause worry about the future of beer legislation in Alabama. We hope to continue our relationships with and support from the new leaders of the Alabama legislature and all the legislators who are returning to Montgomery. As we begin to approach the 2011 regular session, we hope our members and supporters will help us introduce the newly-elected members to our cause.