As a follow-up, I thought it would be a good idea to list the new leadership for the next 4 years in both chambers of the legislature, including some key committee chairs.

Alabama Senate

Lieutenant Governor: Kay Ivey (R) (assumes office January 17th)
President Pro Tempore: Del Marsh (R)
Majority Leader: Jabo Waggoner(R)
Minority Leader: Roger Bedford (D)
Chairman, Committee on Rules: Scott Beason (R)
Chairman, Committee on Tourism and Marketing: Clay Scofield (R)

Alabama House of Representatives

Speaker of the House: Mike Hubbard (R)
Speaker Pro Tempore: Victor Gaston (R)
Majority Leader: Micky Hammon (R)
Minority Leader: Craig Ford (D)
Chairman, Committee on Rules: Blaine Galliher (R)
Chairman, Committee on Economic Development and Tourism: Barry Mask (R)