Specifically, the Montgomery Advertiser was focusing on the statutory red tape that the new owners of the Montgomery Brewpub location will face unless the law is changed.

Montgomery Advertiser: Brew Pub’s new owners want Legislature to change restrictive laws

There is one factual error in the article, a simple mistake.

Because along with the other restrictions, brewpubs can be located only in historical buildings or districts and must be located in wet counties that had a licensed brewery prior to Prohibition, there are only a handful in the state. If Montgomery’s does not reopen, there would be only four in the state — in Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham and Auburn.

There are actually no currently-operating “brewpubs” in Alabama. Huntsville and Birmingham have breweries that do not have the brewpub license, which means they can not sell beer on-premise at the brewery. Mobile and Auburn used to have brewpubs but they both closed.