The local Alabama beer scene continues to grow. New Huntsville upstart Yellowhammer Brewing will be debuting two new releases this Saturday at the Nook. The Yellowhammer gang will be in attendance as well. (So will I). Beer notes from either the brewery or the distributor (not sure which) follows.

Yellowhammer Miracle Worker Tripel – Golden and clear, this take on the Belgian staple holds a complex floral aroma. Made with pilsner malt and using Belgian yeast, the brew is inspired by Trappist brewing tradition, offering a honeyed sweetness on the tongue, yet a satisfyingly dry finish. Pairs well with both complex and traditional cuisine. We freed the hops on this beer; be mindful, as it can be deceptively strong.

Yellowhammer Altbier – A German style amber ale, exceptionally smooth and difficult to put down, this American version is a touch stronger than the Dusseldorf forerunner. Alt, literally translated, is German for old, reflecting how far back this top-fermenting style goes, dating back some 200 years ago when the Rhineland brewers stuck to the “old” dark ale while Bavarian counterparts moved toward the “new” pale lagers. The Yellowhammer version draws a sublte aroma from a distinct blend of Vienna, Munich and pilsner malts, while creating a slight, but notable hop character with German spalt and American crystal hops.