SB192, the Senate flavor of our Brewery Modernization Act, passed out of the Senate Small Business Committee yesterday. The committee vote was reported as 6-0 favorable.

It should be sent back to the full Senate today. This does not mean we will be voted on today in the Senate. We now need to get on the special order calendar in order to come up for a full vote in that chamber. Once we are on the special order calendar, we will need to pass a Budget Isolation Resolution (requiring a 3/5 supermajority), and then a vote for final passage (requiring a simple majority).

If and when we pass the Senate, SB192 will be sent to the House where the same process starts again. It will need to pass whatever House committee it is assigned to, then pass a BIR and final passage in the Alabama House of Representatives. Assuming it passes the House in the same form it passed the Senate (no amendments), it will then be sent to Governor Bentley for his signature.