If you receive our newsletter, we accidentally sent out the wrong bill number for homebrew. The Homebrew Legalization Bill is HB266, sponsored by Representative Mac McCutcheon (R-Huntsville). The mistake in the newsletter was my fault – I typically draft the initial language about political stuff. Sorry.

HB266 is not a Free the Hops initiative. You can thank a coalition of Alabama homebrewers and homebrew clubs for carrying this one. If you would like to help see homebrew legalized in Alabama or if you have any questions, I recommend visiting their website. Free the Hops does not create policy regarding the homebrew bill. As an organization (as confirmed by the Executive Board), Free the Hops supports and endorses HB266 and will help its passage by calling on our grassroots network of activists and by any other appropriate means.

HB266 just recently passed House Committee and has been re-submitted to the full House. The homebrewers involved in this legislation, with their sponsor, have amassed an impressive list of cosponsors that span the political spectrum and geography of Alabama. Cosponsors include Representatives Ison (R-Mobile), Todd (D-Birmingham), P. Williams (R-Huntsville), J. Hubbard (D-Montgomery), Boothe (R-Troy), Fincher (R-Semmes), Mask (R-Wetumpka), Ball (R-Huntsville), Howard (D-Greensboro), Faust (R-Fairhope), Buskey (D-Mobile), Hall (D-Huntsville), Grimsley (D-Newville), Morrow (D-Red Bay), Brown (R-Jacksonville), Beech (R-Chatom), Patterson (R-Meridianville), Jackson (D-Thomasville), Chesteen (R-Geneva), W. Johnson (R-Maysville), Canfield (R-Vestavia Hills), and Scott (D-Fairfield).