We just received confirmation that HB266, the Homebrew Legalization Bill, will be voted on in the Alabama House of Representatives tomorrow (Thursday).

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HB266 will be part of a 10-minute Special Order Calendar. This means that debate will be limited to 10 minutes! If the bill does not pass in that time, they move on to the next bill.

Because of this, it is critical that you contact your elected representative and ask them to support HB266. It is very easy to kill a bill on a 10 minute calendar.

It should also be noted that a certain high-profile “values” organization in Alabama sent out a legislative alert of their own yesterday. In it, they specifically asked their members to contact their elected representatives to kill HB266. We must fight back!

To see who your representative is, get their contact information, and see where we think they stand on homebrew legalization, go here. Remember you are contacting your Representative. They are the ones voting tomorrow.

By the way, if it says they “strongly support” homebrew legalization, that usually means they are a sponsor.

The homebrewing community has been working very hard to get to this point. I hope you support their efforts by contacting your legislator and asking that they support HB266!