From their press release this afternoon. Thank you, Alabama brewers.

On April 5th, 2011 The Brewery Modernization Act, Senate Bill 192, passed the full Senate by a vote of 24-5. The goals of this Act are to allow Breweries to sell their product on-premise, like a brewpub, and/or to wholesalers, and to remove the crippling restrictions that impair the ability of the Breweries in Alabama to compete with their out of state counterparts.

In many states, Breweries are tourist destinations. Our phones are ringing and our email inboxes are filling with travelers looking for interesting places to stop while heading to the beach, in town for business, or looking for places to take their out-of-town guests. Currently we must deny their request for tours or to sample our products at the Brewery.

The number of Breweries in Alabama is small but determined. SB192 would allow these Breweries to grow, employ more people, contribute to the public coffers with greater taxes, and become thriving businesses in their communities. Support for this bill is support for local economy and small business.

SB192 is awaiting a favorable report from the House Economic Development and Tourism committee. Once reported out of committee, the bill then needs to be placed on the calendar for passage in the full House.

Member-breweries of the Alabama Brewers’ Guild include Good People Brewing Company, Straight to Ale, Blue Pants Brewery, and Yellowhammer Brewing.