Turner Beverage (Huntsville distributor of Anheuser-Busch) Sales Manager, George Burgess, was quoted today by beernews.org regarding the Free the Hops boycott.

We have absolutely nothing against Free the Hops. I wish everyone would read the actual legislation over for themselves before jumping to any conclusions off of just sound bytes.

I’ve known George for a couple years now. He’s a good guy, and he and Turner Beverage have been very friendly to us. We even had a recent meeting of the Huntsville Chapter of Free the Hops at Turner Beverage. Unfortunately, his company has been working against our legislation even if they have nothing against our organization.

But he’s right. We don’t want to be accused of talking in sound bytes. We therefore invite everyone to read our Brewery Modernization Act in its current form. This is the form that passed the Alabama Senate early this month and is now in the House Committee on Economic Development and Tourism.

SB192: The Brewery Modernization Act

If you’re not used to reading Alabama legislation, the bill is a change to the current Alabama law. Removals to the current law are crossed-out like this. Additions are underlined like this. So read the legislation and come to your own conclusions.