The Alabama Brewers’ Guild issued a thorough statement on the Free the Hops boycott this weekend. An excerpt:

Small, independent breweries in our state have a steep uphill battle from their moment of inception. We do not enjoy the same privileges in Alabama that breweries in other states enjoy. Many breweries thrive in states such as California, Georgia, Colorado, and Tennessee because they exist in a legal environment friendlier to craft brewers. […]

Having ourselves experienced the bitter disappointment and frustration of seeing craft brewery reform legislation, year-after-year, die at the hands of Alabama distributors, the Alabama Brewers Guild understands FTH’s call for a boycott.  We regret if any breweries have been caught in the cross-fire.  We hope with their help, with FTH’s support, with the ABG’s support, and with the Distributors’ support of small business and craft beer in Alabama, swift passage of SB192 will end FTH’s call for such action.

Enough is enough.  The stranglehold on Alabama’s small start-up breweries by forces within their own home state must end.

Formed in 2009, the Alabama Brewers Guild exists to promote the common interests of its members and the craft beer brewing industry in Alabama. The core membership of the guild consists of licensed Alabama breweries and brewpubs actively engaged in the brewing of craft beer at a facility located in the state of Alabama.