This is going to be the best Rocket City Brewfest yet by far. In addition to some great beers from the breweries listed on our website, we have an impressive list of special releases for everyone. Here is just a sample. In some cases, the Rocket City Brewfest is the ONLY place you will be able to find these beers.

  • Back Forty Kudzu Porter, a new release
  • Blue Pants Double Cord IPA, a double-strength version of their Corduroy IPA
  • Good People Dark Saison and later a Barrel-Aged version of their Dark Saison
  • Lazy Magnolia Southern Gentlman, Southern Pecan aged in whiskey barrels
  • Straight to Ale Gorillanaut returns, and several special releases are being “tested” this week.
  • Yellowhammer Dark Hammer Belgian Quad

Tickets available and are going fast.